Srinivasa Gita Satsangh Trust - A Charitable and Cultural Trust, was founded in 1985 by T. Chellaswami, a retired Senior Official of IES (Indian Economic Service), Government of India and a former Senior United Nations (ILO) Advisor. The Trust's main objective is to bring about a greater awareness of Indian Philosophical and religious Scriptures, especially among the younger generation through organizing regular classes in selected Educational Institutions and through publications of short books in Indian Scriptures and their wide distribution. The Trust's publications authored by the founder trustee T.Chellaswami are drafted with devotion and dedication keeping in view the scientifically inclined youths. The publications are well received by the Public and also appreciative reviews by eminent scholars appeared in the press - 'The Hindu' , 'The Indian Express' ,    'Bhavan's journal', ' Tapovan Prasad' and other periodicals. The books are attractively printed on good quality paper and are reasonably low priced. The sale proceeds will go toward meeting the expenses of Trust's activities and publication programmes.

Publications of Srinivasa Gita Satsangh Trust :

Given below are a list of publications of the Trust. Click on the book for more details.
Appendices I & II present full Text of Introductory verses, The Stotram, Phala Sruti and Concluding Verses, in Devanagari and Free English Translation Emphasizing the Spirit and Philosophy behind the Verses.

Price : India Rs.40 Abroad US $5.00(Postal charges Extra)
Pages : 160


2.ESSENTIAL GITA - A Self Contained Presentation :
Price : India Rs.30 Abroad US $3.00 (Postal charges Extra)
Pages : 135

3.GEETA SERMON - A Garland of Select Gems - A Self Contained Presentation :
Price : India Rs.25 Abroad US $3.00(Postal charges Extra)
Pages : 67

4.BHAGAVAD GITA SAARAM - Sri Krishna's summing up of his Sermon
With an Introduction and short summary of the Sermon - A Self Contained Presentation :
Price : India Rs.40 Abroad US $5.00(Postal charges Extra)
Pages : 127


5.DUTY, DEVOTION AND DIVINE GRACE - The Integrated Approach in the Gita:
Price : India Rs.15 Abroad US $2.00(Postal charges Extra)
Pages : 41

6.SRI VISHNUSAHASRANAAMA STOTRAM (Appendices I and II of Vishnusahasranaama stotram - An Introductory study - Serial No.1) :
Price : India  Rs.15 Abroad US $2.00(Postal charges Extra)

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