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5.DUTY, DEVOTION AND DIVINE GRACE - The Integrated Approach in the Gita :

This is a comprehensive commentary on the 'Eka - Sloki - Geeta' - One sloka summing up by sanjaya (18.78), preceded by a detailed and self-contained introductory note providing a bird's eye view of the entire Sermon, with special emphasis on devotion, the supreme consummation of knowledge(Jnana); beautifully integrates the doctrines of Duty,Devotion and Divine Grace. Commenting on a draft of this booklet, his holiness late and revered swami Chinmayananda observed:  "Very intelligent and sincere compilation of a booklet for (wide) distribution - At convocation we can arrange to distribute to every outgoing graduate a copy of this booklet, perhaps". Commenting on the booklet Sri. R. Rangachary of the 'Indian Express', observed: " A very rational and perceptive presentation relevant to the present time ....... A dedicated work indeed". Dr B.Ramamurti, renowned Neurosurgeon from Madras stated: "Beautifully summarizes the entire essence of the Bhagavad Gita. I wish this could be printed in thousands and given to all the students who graduate from the universities".

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