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4.BHAGAVAD GITA SAARAM - Sri Krishna's summing up of His Sermon :

"...... The book consists of two parts. Part 1.B is a terse presentation of the entire sermon without omitting any significant aspect of the teaching and this in a short space of only 60 pages - a bird's eye view as it were. Part II presents the Lord's own summing up of his teaching contained in the pivotal eighteenth chapter. The quintessence (sarasaram) of this summing up in verses 41-66 of the chapter is brilliantly and elaborately presented. I have no doubt that this book would draw the readers,especially the not-so-well initiated youth, to the original text and the classical commentaries" - Dr.K. Venkatasubramaniam, Former Vice Chancellor, Central university, pondicherry, in his foreword.

Blessing the presentation, Dr. M.Narasimhachary, Professor and head of the department of Vaishnavism, University of Madras, stated: "Sri Chellaswami's language is superb, style is simple and sober and his approach is streamlined by an analytical and scientific temper....... There is a natural and easy flow of ideas; there is no torturing of the text to suit any particular concept. The original teaching of Lord comes out alive in Sri T. Chellaswami's explanation in the most spontaneous way".

Expressing his appreciation of the book professor C.G.Vasudevan well known exponent of Bhagavad Gita observed: " In his summary of the sermon (Part I-B), every chapter is photographed clearly in it's essence - a terse presentation. To the modern youth to whom work is an inevitable counterpart of life, the eighteenth chapter of the Geeta as presented by Sri T.Chellaswami in section II comes as an indispensable guide".

Reviewing the book in it's edition dated 2nd Jan, 1996, "The Hindu" stated : "Brings out the salient features of the Gita, as a charter of social order that should emerge with new hopes. Mr.Chellaswami refers to the attitude of Gita as positive and not life denying or puritanic. It lays stress on human effort".

Reviewing the book in Bhavan's Journal of october 31, 1996, Sri Charu Jalundhwala observes: "This presentation synthesizes Bhakti and Jnana. The commentary under the heading Devotion, Surrender and Divine Grace (Page 100) and the explanation of the Gita's most important 'shlokas' namely 18.65 - 66, containing the quintessence of the Sermon (pages 101-104) are indeed excellent.... Gita's message is one of cheer and joy! and truly, the book under review very aptly conveys the spirit of Gita".

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