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 2.ESSENTIAL GITA - A self-contained Presentation :

This is a presentation chapter by chapter, of all the eighteen chapters of the Geeta Sermon. Special emphasis has been laid on 211 select verses covering the entire Geeta text and constituting the core of the teaching and presented in devanagiri with exhaustive discussion. The presentation took care that no essential aspect of the teaching is left out, and at the same time the text is short and sweet. The book carries a detailed, useful and informative Appendix on the topics of - (a) The Jeeva (the individual soul) and the Three Gunas of Prakriti; (b)Maya of Lord's prakriti; (c) Karma theory; and (d)Sraddha (the higher will) and it's three instruments - Yajna, Tapas and Dana.

'The Hindu' Review of Jan 2,1990, stated: "Will be useful to one and all, particularly the youth, who may like to know the outlines of Hindu philosophy as reflected through the Song Celestial". The book has received appreciative references from many quarters for it's complete coverage of the Sermon, yet retaining much appreciated brevity.

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